Who we are

Founded in 1969 at the initiative of the country's main shipyards, the Argentine Chamber of Boat Builders (CACEL) is a non-profit entity that works for the development and promotion of the sector, the growth of tourism and a nautical culture.

Based in San Fernando (National Capital of Nautical), it is a member of Icomia, (International Council of Associations of Nautical Industries).

CACEL is a necessary link with the state authorities that legislate, tax and promote light shipbuilding. The Argentine Naval Prefecture maintains close contact with the authority that regulates and controls shipbuilding debates and negotiates with union groups and actively participates and consults with the country's nautical entities.

Currently, CACEL represents the entire spectrum of Argentine nautical activity, bringing together shipyards, boat manufacturers, service providers, naval commission agents, insurance promoters, importers, etc., representing this business chamber to all the activity. The Chamber provides its associates with assistance, guardianship, information, representation, national and international statistics, and advice on labor and commercial matters. The development and promotion of exports is a permanent objective, encouraging and advising partners to increase day by day the presence of the Argentine Nautical Industry abroad (especially on the occasion of the main International Shows, exhibitions, etc.).

Aware of the value of statistics and communication, CACEL prepares and broadcasts different reports related to the development of the sector, both in the domestic market and abroad, where the presence of our products is increasingly frequent.

Investigations, promotional, journalistic, and image campaigns are also promoted, aimed at the broadcasting of the nautical activity.

Among its many activities, CACEL periodically organizes the traditional Argentine Boat Show, the highest nautical event in our region. The Salon has been part of the World Boat Show Calendar since 1983.

On the other hand, CACEL also holds the National Nautical Forum, an event in which all those interested in the activity analyze problems, propose solutions and discuss a better nautical future.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is designated annually (and by halves) by the Assembly, and is made up of: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, Pro-Treasurer, 12 Members (Holders and Alternates),3 Account Reviewers (Holders and Alternates).

The Assembly is made up of the representatives of the associated companies, who approve the Balance Sheet, and appoint 50% of the authorities for a period of 2 years.

1st Alternate Member Jorge Larré (Klasse A)

2nd Alternate Member Darío Curátola (Arcasu)

3rd Alternate Member Rodolfo Jaichenco (Astillero Riviera)

4th Alternate Member Marcelo Zanovello (Zanovello Barcos)

5th Alternate Member Maximiliano Grimoldi (Costanera Uno)

6th Alternate Member Nicolás Tanoni (astillero Tecnao)

7th Alternate Member

1st. Auditor Susana Chornichan (BAB)

2nd Auditor Gonzalo  Marín (Arco Iris)

Alternate Auditor Alejandro Mooney  (Mooney Yacht Broker)

Currently, the Board of Directors is made up of:

President  César Zazzali (Nautiglass)

Vice-president Jorge Regnicoli (AstilleroRegnicoli)

Secretary Silvia Iriarte (Casa Iriarte)

Deputy Secretary Eduardo Pércaz (Itsas)

Treasurer Daniel Vázquez (Fayva)

Pro-Treasurer Jorge Renosto(AstilleroRenosto)

1st Holder Member Natalia Avila (Canestrari)

2nd Holder Member César Espigares (La Holando)

3rd Holder Member Carolina Segue (Segue Barcos)

4th Holder Member Jorge Farré (Baron)

5th. Holder Member Gustavo Ast (Natiglass)

Our Activity

Committed to the promotion of the shipbuilding industry, the development of water sports, and the promotion of culture and tourism, CACEL assists partners working in the following fields:

Promotion and development of nautical sports.

Search, analysis and spread of data on the sector.

Management, contribution and commitment before the Legislative and Regulatory Power.

Formation of a nautical culture, being respectful of the Environment.

Promotion of MADE IN ARGENTINA NÁUTICO in the world, explaining that Argentina has been building ships for more than a hundred years.